So Are We – Alive Again

„Alive Again“ beschreibt hoffnungsvolle Unruhe und die Person im Refrain bemüht sich, etwas mehr und etwas Neues zu erleben. Das Lied ist ein leichtes und modernes Country-Lied, perfekt für die Sommer-Playliste. Quelle: Band-Presse-Mitteilung

Westwego – Bittersweet Moods

Coming from the local Toulouse scene (the DIY Culture is part of our DNA), we are 4 musicians and friends, having played together for almost fifteen years (rockband with Octarine and dioGeN, AfroElectroJazz band like Supaphone, instrumental duet with The Acolytes Anonymes, world music of Neshez…). Westwego was born on […]

Michael Armstrong – Gypsy

After a 2-year hiatus and following the release of his highly-acclaimed second album #LookingForTheWorld, Michael Armstrong returns to the stage and brings with him a fantastic new band. They will be performing songs from both of Michael’s albums in a show which IS NOT TO BE MISSED! It will be […]

Asta Bria – Your Eyes

‘Your Eyes’ is the beautifully haunting new single taken from the album ‘Divine Investigation’ by Asta Bria. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder; for people, for places, for music. And as an expat, a mother, and a brilliantly talented musician who found her sound and voice, Asta […]

Craig Joiner – May You Never

Despite having been a professional musician for over 25 years and having written songs that have been recorded by the likes of Heart, Bonnie Tyler, Eddie Money and Steps, and had his songs used in major Hollywood movies such as ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘102 Dalmatians’ and ‘Jack Reacher’, […]

Chard Ry – Frankreich

Chard Ry ist ein Künstler aus Frankreich/Paris und schreibt lebenslustige aber auch traurige Lieder und interpretiert sie selbst. Er arbeitet auch mit dem französischen Poeten Allain Leprest zusammen.

Bailey Tomkinson – 7 Minutes In Heaven

Given her love of surfing, it is fitting that Cornwall based singer/songwriter Bailey Tomkinson is at the crescent of the new wave of British Country music that’s winning fans on both sides of the Atlantic. Emerging in late 2018 with the earworm EP ‘Hey Ace’, Bailey has quickly established a […]

Anna Ecco – Reminiscent

Anna Ecco ist eine junge, vielseitige Künstlerin aus den USA. Ihr neuer Titel „Reminiscent“ klingt durch die Pedal-Steel-Guitar richtig folky. Besonders imponierend der Text.

David Stone – Pockets

Pockets is David Stone’s ninth solo release since 2011, with eight years of growth proudly on display in each of its ten tracks. There are a total on eight new songs, with the addition of an alternate, full-band version of „On Her Mind“ and a stripped-back acoustic version of „Pocket“ […]