Neues von Arctic Lights – heute in Promotion News: 20:00 Uhr oder bei YouTube:

Arctic Lights new single ‘Holy Joe’ is a follow up to their critically acclaimed single ‘Belong’ released in Oct 2022. 2023 sees a new direction from this creative force with an even darker and heavier sound.

“Holy Joe may sound a bit different to some of our other songs but we like to surprise people with each new release as we get bored quickly and don’t just want to repeat the same tricks each time. This keeps us engaged and interested as we find exploring new sounds gets us excited, being an independent act allows us to do what we like and we will keep doing that while hoping people will enjoy what we do, but, overall we make music for ourselves.” – Edward Butt

“I find writing music can be cathartic and songs have personalities of their own. I had a melody in mind for Holy Joe but no lyrics. The minute we pressed record to put the melody down the lyrics just started pouring out. I think you can feel a crackling and bristling in society at the moment like there is a fire about to ignite. For me the emotion of the vocals capture this feeling perfectly. Hopefully we can extinguish the fire.” – Liam O Callaghan

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