Wir lassen sie einfach selbst zu Wort kommen:

“A song I wrote on my lunch break, working as a nurse, at the beginning of the pandemic. When you couldn’t switch on any radio or television without messages of death and destruction. As a world, we had never been more connected, nor more isolated. It was an intense situation, and in that sense, I guess the song just wrote itself. The pandemic forced me to go inwards, and to explore my own journey throughout this life, and the times when I felt connection, and the times when I didn’t. That reflects loosely in the lyrics, though I left them as open to interpretation as possible. I realised during this pandemic, as devastating as it has been, that it could be a breakdown, or a breakthrough, if you wanted it to be. I decided for myself which one it would be, and I could not be prouder of this song, nor more grateful for the experiences that lead to me to discover how strong I really am.

I hope you enjoy listening to this song as much as I enjoyed making it.”

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Quelle: FBP Music Publishing

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