The dreamy indie-folk band For Lua takes you on a journey through the deep northern forests of Sweden. Intimate whispered vocals over fingerpicked guitars create soothing lullabies and invite the listener into their stories. Their new single Bruises, recorded in the heart of Hollywood, is a haunting ode to doomed love and blends the warmth of folky harmonica tones with atmospheric movements.

Bridging Stockholm and Los Angeles, the lead vocalist Malin Wiklund joined forces with musicians Gustav Sverin and Johannes Hörngren in a period of creative hunger, and began having writing sessions late into the night. All of the band members felt a passion for music from an early age and found inspiration from classical music, American folksinger/songwriters and film composers. For Lua seems to blend the sounds of Angus & Julia Stone and Ben Howard producing a new fresh, contemporary sound.

Some of their lyrical content addresses social awareness, such as mental illness and climate change. “The climate crisis has always been an issue close to my heart”, said Malin. “I think that what we are doing to our planet today is just a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to the people we love. Without urgent actions, we will further imperil the health, hope and prosperity of our future. Only by working together can we find solutions.”

For Lua released their first single In Their Minds in the beginning of 2019, followed by Believe in Something the same year. Their third single Bruises is now available for listeners around the world. Throughout 2020, For Lua will be releasing new music and perform live in Sweden.

Quelle: Band-Biografie

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