Sometimes you just want to stand on a stage and play songs about how fucked up everything is. There’s nothing in it that people don’t already know, but connections are made through shared understanding that although things are bad, we aren’t alone.

No Murder No Moustache fuses anti-establishment punk rock with celtic acoustic sounds. On one hand you can expect songs about bad governments, anti-facism, coming together to fight injustice, mental health struggles, people who died too young, and retrospective terrible life decisions. On the other hand this is broken up by songs about video games, being intimated by teenagers at the skate park, drinking beer, and trying not to be a poser.

No Murder No Moustache is Owen Crawford, who has attempted to balance being in bands with real life for the last 15 years. Owen has played in Metal, Punk, and Rock bands based around South Wales, depped for other bands, and toured the UK and parts of Europe.

On record, No Muder No Moustache uses a plethora of instruments and guest backing vocalists.

At live shows No Murder No Moustache ranges from lone acoustic guitar and vocal, to multi-sample triggering building up a sonic experience that goes beyond an angry man with a guitar, whilst maintaining the raw authenticity and emotion that is apparent in each song.

Quelle: No Murder No Moustache – Owen Crawford

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