Coming from the local Toulouse scene (the DIY Culture is part of our DNA), we are 4 musicians and friends, having played together for almost fifteen years (rockband with Octarine and dioGeN, AfroElectroJazz band like Supaphone, instrumental duet with The Acolytes Anonymes, world music of Neshez…). Westwego was born on the ashes of the folkrockband dioGeN and it has built its own path by exploring many folk facets. It sounds like a taste of Greenwich Village, from Midwest to California, from lots of other places and ages. It is no pub songs nor pop songs… It is Colorful Folk.
The quartet strolls through the traditional songbook coming across catchy melodies to distill the old roots & authentic sounds in their own compositions. Its repertoire is in English and Spanish, supported by a banjo, a mandolin, a double bass, a trumpet, a flute, a melodica, harmonicas, guitars and drums from around the World.

Originalton: Westwego

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