Given her love of surfing, it is fitting that Cornwall based singer/songwriter Bailey Tomkinson is at the crescent of the new wave of British Country music that’s winning fans on both sides of the Atlantic.

Emerging in late 2018 with the earworm EP ‘Hey Ace’, Bailey has quickly established a strong swell of attention, culminating in a top 10 hit and a much-coveted invitation to appear at this years BoardMasters Festival.

With a diverse library of influences ranging from Jewel and The Eagles through to Madonna and Katy Perry, mixing a Nashville proclivity for resonant storytelling with a keen pop sensibility proves to be a fertile creative space for Bailey.  A childhood spent in multiple countries including the UK, Belgium and Italy has gifted Bailey an experimental edge that helps her stand out from her peers. Her output shares the adventurous genre-stretching spirit of Kacey Musgraves yet still manages to hook traditionalists thanks to the warm vocals, outstanding musicianship and truthful storytelling.

Her latest single 7 Minutes in Heaven is the latest example from the singer that Siruis FM DJ and music influencer described as ’stunning’. It’s fun, youthful and a great showcase for her outstanding songwriting. She skilfully avoids the traps of Country tropes, It is much more authentic for the 19 year old girl to be writing and singing about the events of a party than whisky fuelled bar brawls or lonesome prairie tales.

“I wanted to create something relatable and youthful, with a sense of fun. I love movies like ‘Dazed and Confused’ and ‘Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist’ for the sense they have where in one, crazy night anything can happen.  I try to capture that feeling in a song.”

Quelle: Dennis Weitzel Promotion

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