Pockets is David Stone’s ninth solo release since 2011, with eight years of growth proudly on display in each of its ten tracks. There are a total on eight new songs, with the addition of an alternate, full-band version of “On Her Mind” and a stripped-back acoustic version of “Pocket” (originally released in 2016). In the roughly one year since the release of the “Aright EP” David Stone has been writing and recording in his little home studio in central Ontario, Canada. Writing, composing, performing and producing each part of every song on “Pockets”, Stone shows maturity as a songwriter, but also as a musician and producer on this collection of unique and heartfelt folk/pop tunes. In keeping with David Stone’s style, each song is tells a carefully written story, often pulling from personal experiences, framed by busy guitar work. On some tracks the Stone’s words are held just above a dense forest of sounds, while on others they are left purposely out in the open, all in an attempt to create a moment of escape for the listener.


Quelle: Dennis Weitzel Promotion

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